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Political and historical figures

Meet the most important figures of the history of mankind! From the classical world to contemporary history.

figuras de la historia en el museo de cera de madrid

Celebrities and showbusiness

Feel like a star!

Celebrities from all over the world are waiting for you!

Literary gatherings

Participate in a gathering with the great writers of our history! Poets, playwrights and Nobel Prize winners await you at the Literary Café.
figuras de cera literarias en el museo de cera de madrid
figuras de cera del deporte en el museo de cera de madrid

Sports stars

Be the #1 with your favorite sports stars! Feel like a champion with the elite of sports

What are you waiting to meet them?

Play with our funniest characters! Characters from your favorite action, mystery and adventure movies.

figuras de cera mundo fantastico en el museo de cera de madrid

Much more than a museum…

The creation of our figures is a completely handmade process, done with the
most rigorous attention to detail. Our team of sculptors usually takes about
6 months to make each figure.

The first steps are taken in clay or clay, then a
mold is made into which the wax is poured and the bust of the character is
obtained. Details like the skin are hand painted and the hair is grafted hair to

Our history

On February 14, 1972, then Minister of Information and Tourism, Mr. Alfredo Sánchez-Bella, cut the inaugural ribbon and was the first of the millions of visitors who, throughout our 40 years, have converted the Wax Museum of Madrid in one of the most emblematic attractions of our capital.
Spain was then the European Hollywood and to build the Museum several “Oscar” award winning film production teams were used.
After several years of important research, selection and reconstruction work of the most important stages and characters of our History, Culture, Sports, Science, Show… in which the best sculptors, makeup artists, costume designers, decorators and illuminators collaborated at the time.
Christopher Columbus was the first wax figure to see the light and was the first addition to the Museum, where it still remains today. After this, more than 450 wax figures have occupied the spectacular sceneries recreated inside our museum.
Try the New Augmented Experience!

Try the New Augmented Experience!

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