Why May is one of the best months to visit Madrid

Why May is one of the best months to visit Madrid

May is the month of flowers and a beautiful time to visit Madrid, as the heat is still bearable, the days are long, the weather is mild and the capital city has countless attractions for you to enjoy. If you´re planning things to do in Madrid with friends, we will give you some ideas, including a visit to the Madrid Wax Museum of course, a must-do experience when spending an unforgettable day with your family or friends.

In addition, make sure you go and see the new exhibitions scheduled for the major museums, concerts, theatre premieres and popular festivals celebrated in the month of May. As you know, Madrid is a city that never ceases to amaze its visitors. Are you coming? 

Plans for the May bank holiday in Madrid

May is the month with the most public holidays in Madrid; the Day of Madrid is celebrated on May 02 and the day of the patron saint of Madrid, San Isidro, on May 15, meaning there will be two long weekends in the capital on these dates. So, if you´re thinking of visiting the city in those weeks, you´ll be sure to find a wide range of cultural and leisure activities you will just love. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Festival of San Isidro

Madrid´s most traditional festivals deserve a visit to San Isidro Park, alongside the Manzanares River, where you can savour the city´s most popular cuisine, have a glass of lemonade and doughnuts (sugar-coated and plain) and, if you dare, dress up as a chulapo in traditional Madrid costume. The most traditional neighbourhoods will feature concerts, performances and endless activities to ensure you have a good time with your family.

Antique and second-hand book fair

Book lovers will adore this magnificent fair, the 44th edition of which will feature some real jewels for people that know how to appreciate them. On this occasion, 37 bookstores from all over Spain hand over prized copies of books, newspapers, engravings, old publications and other items that will delight  both connoisseurs and the general public alike. The stalls are located on Paseo de Recoletos until May 16.

“Pinta Malasaña” Urban Art Festival

This festival has carved itself a niche in the Malasaña neighbourhood and is now in its 7th edition. Shops offer their premises to local and international artists to create live works before the eyes of thousands of visitors. Windows, doors and enclosures turn into improvised canvases for the urban artists present. Moreover, there are many other activities for you to discover. 

A guided tour of the Royal Palace 

It is well worth visiting this emblematic building in Madrid, one of the largest in Europe, witness to numerous past and present events. You will learn about the history of the Spanish royal family as you walk through the huge halls, rooms and gardens. You can also visit the Royal Armoury on your own, which houses a large collection of crossbows, helmets, coats of mail and weapons. 

A guided tour of the Royal Palace 

Mystery Tour 

This tour will enable you to visit the places where great mysteries, enigmas and events that have never been explained took place, including popular sites such as the Plaza Mayor, the Plaza de la Villa, the Convent of La Encarnación and Almudena Cathedral, among many others. The tour lasts for two hours and you are bound to just love listening to some of the most amazing stories about events that took place in the capital. 

Mystery Tour in Madrid

Visit filming locations used in series and movies

If you´re a fan of series and movies, you will love visiting some of the most famous locations of recent productions such as “Money Heist”, “Cable Girls” and “Arde Madrid”, as well as older films such as “The Day of the Beast”, among many others. 

Madrid Wax Museum

Visiting the Madrid Wax Museum is akin to soaking up the history of Spain and the world, as well as enjoying the latest wax figures featuring characters from the world of music, cinema and sport, among many others. One of our rooms exhibits the recreation of one of Goya’s most famous paintings “The Executions of May the 3rd”, a masterful portrayal of the uprising of the people of Madrid against the French invaders commanded by Napoleon.

Why May is one of the best months to visit Madrid

You will see how the wax figures used to recreate the painting bear an incredible likeness to Goya´s work and, in addition, they afford the scene even greater drama. What better way to recall the event from over 200 years 

ago than to view this and other historical scenes in the museum. You can take whatever photos you want and selfies with your favourite characters. Oh, and don´t forget to book your ticket in advance to ensure you don´t miss out on visiting us. We look forward to seeing you in May!

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